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Initiative for new techologies

Systems Nakashima launched “Nafla (Nakashima Future Laboratory)”,
which conducts research and development to make use of new technologies such as AI, IoT, drones, and blockchains in business.
In addition, we collaborate with IT vendors around the world to develop overseas advanced technologies and products in Japan.





NaFLA – Nakashima Future Laboratory

NaFLA was established in January 2016 mainly formed by young development members of Systems Nakashima. Based on the spirit and culture of “always challenging to explore new things” rooted in the Nakashima Group, we create new added value by researching and utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

We are engaged in R&D in order to utilize research topics such as AI, IoT, drone, blockchain, robotics as well as new technologies to be adopted in business areas.


Introducing system development examples using Systems Nakashima's AI, IoT, drone, blockchain, etc.


NaFLA(Nakashima Future Laboratory)

Systems Nakashima Co., Ltd.
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Unizo Iwamotochyo 2cyome BLG.
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Other Bases
Okayama(Head Office), Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka

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